How to Play Fish and Sharks?

Answer (SHARK)You're bored and you don't know what to do in a big or small yard? Play fish and sharks.

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How many sharks eat santiago's fish in the old man and the sea?

its awesomwe that every shark only eats one i live close in the beach

Are fish considered reptiles?

Fish are not reptiles. While they both lay eggs and have scales, fish have gills and live in water, unlike reptiles. Their scales differ in composition and appearance. Also, unlike reptilian eggs, ... Read More »

Why is fish not considered a meat?

Your coworkers need their brains checked. How is fish not a meat??? Tell them humans are made of meat too, and ask if they are considering eating each other. Good grief. >_

I only eat chicken and fish is that considered a vegeterian?

No. That is not vegetarian.The Webster Dictionary definition of Vegetarian is one who believes in or practices vegetarianism, a diet consisting wholly of vegetables, fruits, and sometimes eggs or d... Read More »