Are security cameras a deterrent?

Answer On One Hand: They Deter Petty ThievesSecurity cameras, real or fake, will deter petty thieves and those seeking an easy opportunity to get something for nothing. These cameras make the thieves beli... Read More »

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Can you use Nortech Security 2.4 wireless security cameras with a computer?

The Nortech Security 2.4 Ghz Wireless Security Cameras can be used in conjunction with computers as well as TVs. The Nortech Wireless system can be connected via an A/V cable from the camera to the... Read More »

Are the security cameras in wal-mart really cameras How easy is it to steal from wal-mart?

Yes there are cameras, although there is not necesarrily a camera in every dome. They are connected to a closed circuit tv system that records all the cameras 24 hours a day. They also have under... Read More »

How do security cameras work?

Contemporary security cameras incorporate the most up-to-date recording technology. Whether in use by law enforcement agencies, a business or a homeowner, video surveillance is a mainstay within th... Read More »

Where can I find security cameras?

You can find security cameras in a large percentage of public places. Advances in technology have led to the common use of security cameras in retail establishments, banks, workplaces and public bu... Read More »