Are second babies born earlier?

Answer If you want to study to be an obstetrician or gynecologist: you should be taking high level science and math courses.To be an ob/gyn you might have to take higher math and science classes.maybe lik... Read More »

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How many babies are born in 1 second?

There are 1,987,645 babies born in 1 second!

Are five babies born in one second?

no it is not possible, unless you are from Shildon, England. It has been recorded five times there, all by different women.

How many babies a born in a second?

one hundred babys are born in a second

How many babies in born every second?

Population biologists have estimated that maintenance of human population requires at least 1.6% birth rate per year. In the US, there are about 4 million live births per year, or roughly 1.3%; thi... Read More »