Are school uniforms a good idea?

Answer On One Hand: School Violence Is ReducedMany people believe uniforms lower school violence, since no one fights in school about sneakers, jeans or other clothing possessions when everyone wears the ... Read More »

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Who came up with the idea of school uniforms?

School uniforms were first used in England in the 16th century at charity schools for the poor. Public schools in England didn't begin using them until the 19th century, and it wasn't until later ... Read More »

Why Uniforms Are a Good Idea?

Professor Anat Rafaeli researches organizational symbols. In her research, uniforms are defined as organizational symbols. Symbols represent ideas, and uniforms are used to communicate the ideas an... Read More »

Are uniforms a good idea?

On One Hand: Uniforms Limit CreativityWhen a child has to wear a uniform to school every day, he or she may feel as though it's next to impossible to display an original sense of fashion. Older chi... Read More »

What is good about school uniforms?

Many parents, teachers and school officials believe that wearing school uniforms is a good and creative way to reduce discipline issues as well as to increase safety at schools.Peer pressure decrea... Read More »