Are scholarships given out at the graduation ceremony?

Answer i guess it depends on where you go. at my school they did a scholarship ceremony. and that was it. they did not announce anything during the graduation ceremony besides the valid victorian. if you ... Read More »

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Which white graduation dress 2012 for college graduation ceremony is the prettiest Which one would you choose?

i like the 3rd and the 5th. very pretty dresses :)

What is a baccalaureate graduation ceremony?

A baccalaureate is a service or ceremony, often religious in theme, for school or college graduates. Successful students sometimes receive an academic hood, and prayers, readings, sermons and speec... Read More »

Nurse Graduation Ceremony Traditions?

Nurse graduation ceremonies have been marked by several notable traditions. Some continue to this day, most notably the "pinning" of the graduate to mark her entry into the ranks of professional nu... Read More »

Differences in Attire at a Graduation Ceremony?

Graduations are a time of passage and recognition for scholastic achievements. Different graduation attire represents these scholastic achievements. Gowns are styled differently for degree levels, ... Read More »