Are satellite TV stations going to be broadcast in digital?

Answer Satellite broadcasters such as direct tv and dish network have all ways transmitted digital from day one.

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How do you change one type of digital broadcast standard into a different digital broadcast standard?

If you mean 720 to 1080, If the TV is capable of 1080, it's done automatically in the TV set.

Is hd broadcast the same as digital broadcast?

All HD broadcasts are digital. Not all digital broadcasts are HD. "Digital" is simply a way of coding TV pictures onto a radio wave so that your TV can receive the radio wave and turn it back into ... Read More »

What is direct broadcast satellite?

I'm in the same boat your in.. no one really knows anymore. I hope a deal can be arranged..

How to track a Direct broadcast satellite device?

No, you need not add any other hardwares for the DTH box. It would work on its own.