Are sardines safe to eat?

Answer On One Hand: Sardines Contain PollutantsSardines contain trace amounts of mercury; PCBs, or polychlorinated biphenyl; and lead. According to dietitian Fiona Ford, pregnant women should limit eating... Read More »

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Are sardines safe for dogs?

Sardines are not only safe for your dog, but they are also an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, calcium, and other vitamins and minerals. Canine nutritionist Diane Jansey, states, “Smaller... Read More »

How much EPA is in sardines?

Sardines are a rich source of fatty acids, particularly eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA). One hundred grams of sardines contain between 10 and 12 g of EPA. Sardines get much of their EPA from eating sma... Read More »

What fish do sardines come from?

Several species of fish are sold under the common term sardine, all of which are in the Clupeidae family, which includes herring, menhaden and shad. The most common species sold as sardines is the ... Read More »

How to Cure Sardines?

The tinned variety being the most familiar of this silver-bellied, oil-rich fish, fresh sardines are now beginning to make a comeback. Curing fresh sardines often enhances the flavor and makes the ... Read More »