Are sarcastic responses ok for scholarships?

Answer You should probably use some sarcasm, but not so much that it seems like you are pessimistic and angry. Add some carefree humor and you'll be good to go! It shows that you are creative, and laid-back.

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How to Tell if Someone Is Being Sarcastic?

If you're tired of not being able to tell if someone is sarcastic, then you've come to the right place.

How to Be Sarcastic?

Sarcasm is a finely wrought tool that can be honed and used for good or bad purposes. If you are sarcastic at the wrong time or with the wrong person, you may end up hurting someone’s feelings, b... Read More »

How to Stop Being Sarcastic?

Stopping sarcasm can be hard and you may take a lot of self-convincing. Try never to hurt a vulnerable person, especially one who has shown you nothing but respect.

How to Do a Sarcastic Laugh?

Was the joke really that funny?So your friends aren't that bright and you want to annoy them, well here's how!