Are sand rubies worth money?

Answer On One Hand: Sand Rubies Are GarnetsSand rubies are tiny red garnets that are found mixed in with dirt, gravel or sand that has a high concentration of schist or other metamorphic rock fragments. G... Read More »

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Which is worth more: rubies or diamonds?

The value of rubies and diamonds vary greatly depending on several factors: cut, carat weight, clarity and color. A high-quality 1-carat ruby can cost as much as or more than a 1-carat diamond.Refe... Read More »

How much is fifty pounds of Egyptian money worth in American money?

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Worth the money?

far too pimped out for me but those are some nice specs.

Is sky TV worth the money?

Never thought that it would be, however I do find myself watching it more and more. We are hooked on Discovery and I find myself watching things I never thought - 'How do they make that?' 'Myth Bu... Read More »