Are same sex couples aloud to adopt in the US?

Answer There is an adoption agencies here in Espanola, New Mexico. Every few times a year they will have a display of the children available for adoption and information on them. To get more information..... Read More »

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Why should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt?

Answer Because a child deserves to have parents that love him/her rather than sitting in foster care for the rest of their youth. 2 men or 2 women can take better care of a child than the state e... Read More »

How do same-sex couples adopt one another's kids?

-- NOTE: This response is not meant to be mean. It is meant to be helpful. -- A more fundamental question I'll answer is, how do same sex couples recover from their personal-childhood-abuse-driven ... Read More »

Can same-sex married couples jointly adopt children?

It depends on the state; my assumption is that if the state recognizes your union, there's a good chance that you can adopt, but I don't have any solid info to back that up. I have heard of people... Read More »

Should same-sex couples be allowed to adopt children?

It is a matter of opinoin , but I would say NO! God designed marriage to be one man and one woman. So they should not have the privalage of raising a child since they are living in sin. YES! No do... Read More »