Are round diamonds more expensive?

Answer On One Hand: Round-cut are most expensiveRound-cut diamonds are the most expensive because of the high demand, the loss of weight when the stone is cut and the craftmanship involved, according to G... Read More »

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Are yellow diamonds more expensive?

Also known as canary diamonds, yellow diamonds can be more expensive than colorless diamonds. Due to the rarity of natural yellow diamonds, most yellow diamonds on the market are enhanced. The more... Read More »

Are solitaire diamond rings more expensive than a cluster of diamonds?

Solitaire diamond rings tend to be more expensive than rings featuring a cluster of diamonds. According to Serendipity Diamonds, diamond weight, color and clarity are all factors that make single d... Read More »

Are man-made diamonds more valuable than real diamonds?

Naturally occurring diamonds are much more expensive than man-made diamonds. A one carat natural diamond can sell for around $3,000, while a man-made diamond of the same size is worth only around $... Read More »

How expensive are chocolate diamonds?

Depending on individual characteristics of carat, clarity and cut, chocolate diamonds range in price from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Chocolate diamonds, a proprietary name marketed exclusive... Read More »