Are rottweilers a good breed of dog for kids?

Answer On One Hand: Best Friend and BodyguardRottweilers are large muscular dogs with a calm temperament, sturdy enough to cope with children's rough play without snapping like smaller dogs. Renowned for ... Read More »

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Are rottweilers good family dogs?

On One Hand: Good Breed AttributesRottweilers are typically calm and confident dogs with fierce loyalty to the members of their family, according to the online Dog Owner's Guide. This inherent loya... Read More »

What is the best breed of dog with kids?

On One Hand: Golden RetrieverOne of the most beloved and excellent choices for families is the golden retriever. Golden retrievers are gentle animals, soft and love to play outside. They make excel... Read More »

What is a good small dog breed that is good with children?

On One Hand: Small is GoodSeveral small-breed dogs make good pets for families. West Highland white terriers, bichon frises and poodles have friendly, affectionate and playful personalities, accord... Read More »

Are rottweilers mean?

On One Hand: Rottweilers Get a Bad RapRottweilers are often equated with nastiness and brutality that discourages owners from choosing them as pets. They are naturally territorial, and will easily ... Read More »