Are rottweiler dogs dangerous?

Answer On One Hand: An Unfair ReputationNo dog is dangerous simply due to its breed. Rottweilers are, by temperament, placid and patient dogs. They are not unusually aggressive and were not bred to be fig... Read More »

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What is the Temperament of Rottweiler Dogs With Other Dogs?

The Rottweiler has gotten a bad reputation for being unfriendly with humans and other dogs. Fans of the big black dog would disagree, insisting that the media has distorted its image. While all do... Read More »

Rottweiler Dogs & Children?

While most of the time dogs make a great addition to any family, certain breeds of dogs do require a second thought before deciding on impulse which type you will bring home. Rottweilers are one of... Read More »

Are Rottweiler dogs good with children?

On One Hand: Loyal and SmartRottweilers are very intelligent and loyal companions. Rottweilers can even act like clowns when around family and friends, according to the American Kennel Club. A soci... Read More »

Who enforces the law for dangerous dogs?

Laws relating to dogs are typically enforced by the county department of animal control. Animal control departments sell animal licenses, capture dangerous animals, provide shelters for homeless an... Read More »