Are rose thorns poisonous?

Answer The answer is no, there isn't any poisinous roses found.

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How do you take the thorns off a rose without hurting the flower?

I just snap them off with my finger or if it has lots of thorns I run my scissors up and down the stem till they're all off. Open the scissors slightly then run the stem where the blades meet. Simp... Read More »

Are rose petals poisonous?

Rose petals are non-toxic and are considered edible. The petals are the only edible part of the rose. The white part at the base of the rose petal has a bitter taste and should be removed prior to ... Read More »

Is Rose of Sharon poisonous to goats?

Rose of Sharon, or Hibiscus syriacus, is not poisonous to goats. However, since animals tend to consume a larger amount of plant material than humans, it could cause upset in the digestive tract.R... Read More »

Are Rose Petals Poisonous to Cats?

Cat owners often worry about the safety of the plants and flowers inside their home and in their garden. The rose, however, is a flower that is safe to have around cats. Does this S... Read More »