Are root canals safe while pregnant?

Answer On One Hand: They Are SafeIt is safe for women to have root canals while they are pregnant. Modern x-rays that use a leaded apron and thyroid collar should not place the fetus at risk, according to... Read More »

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Does medicaid pay for root canals partials or crowns when pregnant in the state of Louisiana?

When are root canals necessary?

On One Hand: Tooth DecayMost commonly, root canals are needed when tooth decay has progressed so far that the pulp in the roots of the tooth has become infected by bacteria. If a root canal is not ... Read More »

Why do we need root canals?

When a tooth develops a deep cavity or becomes cracked, the soft core of the tooth or pulp can develop an infection that can lead to tooth loss. An abscess in the mouth can also damage the tooth an... Read More »

Do root canals hurt?

Only if you have it done without any painkillers or when you are awake.