Are root canals always successful?

Answer On One Hand: Failure Rate and CausesAccording to dentist Dan Peterson, root canals have a relatively high failure rate. A first root canal has a 70 to 90 percent chance of success; 10 to 30 percent... Read More »

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When are root canals necessary?

On One Hand: Tooth DecayMost commonly, root canals are needed when tooth decay has progressed so far that the pulp in the roots of the tooth has become infected by bacteria. If a root canal is not ... Read More »

Why do we need root canals?

When a tooth develops a deep cavity or becomes cracked, the soft core of the tooth or pulp can develop an infection that can lead to tooth loss. An abscess in the mouth can also damage the tooth an... Read More »

Do root canals hurt!?

I can tell you from experience that you've got nothing to be afraid of. The only thing that'll hurt a very little tiny bit will be the numbing shot, but that's just like a sting. After this, you wi... Read More »

Can root canals cause lymphoma?

On One Hand: Root Canals Do not Cause LymphomaLymphoma is not one of the risks of having a root canal, a type of surgery to remove nerve tissue and bacterial infection. According to Medline Plus, t... Read More »