Are roof vents needed?

Answer On One Hand: Roof Vents are NecessaryRoof vents will extend the life of the roof by minimizing the temperature differential between the attic and the outside air. Roof vents will also prevent prob... Read More »

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Should I Put Tar Around Roof Vents?

Cell phone calls can easily be intercepted with the latest technology, invading your privacy. Many interception services leave barely a trace of any sort of breach, allowing another party access to... Read More »

How to Lubricate Roof Vents?

Sometimes called whirlybird vents, the turbine vents on the roof of homes pull heated air out of the attic in the hot summer months. They also remove cold air in the winter. This function helps red... Read More »

Different Type of Roof Vents?

Ventilation serves the dual purpose of preventing moisture buildup in the attic during cold months and preventing heat buildup during warm weather. According to Ace Hardware, an effective attic ven... Read More »

How to Install Bath Vents Through a Roof?

An important element in a bathroom is the exhaust fan. This fan removes air that is heavy in moisture and odors from the bathroom. The air from the bathroom must be vented outside your home, or els... Read More »