Are roof vents needed?

Answer On One Hand: Roof Vents are NecessaryRoof vents will extend the life of the roof by minimizing the temperature differential between the attic and the outside air. Roof vents will also prevent prob... Read More »

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How to Lubricate Roof Vents?

Sometimes called whirlybird vents, the turbine vents on the roof of homes pull heated air out of the attic in the hot summer months. They also remove cold air in the winter. This function helps red... Read More »

Are Ridge Roof Vents Good or Bad?

In Oklahoma, the mother legally retains sole custody of any child born out of wedlock. This means that an unmarried father has no automatic custody rights to his child. However, once he establishes... Read More »

The Advantages of Ridge Roof Air Vents?

Ridge roof air vents, coupled with properly installed soffit ventilation, provide the best system for ventilation currently on the market. Attic ventilation is important for removing moisture from ... Read More »

Who replaces roof dryer vents?

Call a couple roofing companies and maybe Home Depot (they contract up jobs) or look at Angies List for handymen. Price out the unit then add some profit and you should have a good idea as to the ... Read More »