Are ronco knives good?

Answer On One Hand: They're GreatA long-time staple of late-night infomercial programming, Ronco boasts that their knives are razor sharp and perfectly balanced. The website states that the knives are so... Read More »

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How good are ceramic knives?

On One Hand: Ceramic Knives are GoodCeramic knives are high-tech advanced knives made from a ceramic called zirconia, which is second in hardness to a diamond. They are very sharp and stay that way... Read More »

Are the showtime knives good?

On One Hand: It's ShowtimeThe Ronco Rocker Showtime knives come in several different sets. There is a knife for every occasion, including sportsman, cheese and utility knives. As of early 2010, th... Read More »

Are ceramic knives good?

On One Hand: They are SharpCeramic knives are made with a substance called zirconia, which is almost as hard as diamonds. Zirconia was actually designed for industrial applications. This material m... Read More »

Are KitchenAid-forged knives any good?

On One Hand: KitchenAid Forged Knives Will Last A Lifetime.The process of making a forged knife is meticulous and requires many cycles of heating and cooling steel, and then hammering it into a fin... Read More »