Are riccar vacuums good?

Answer On One Hand: High Quality FeaturesRiccar makes many styles of vacuum cleaner, from whole house systems to ultralights that weigh less than 9 pounds. The portable models have a bag and contain a HEP... Read More »

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How good are refurbished vacuums?

On One Hand: Potentially UsedA refurbished vacuum may be used when you buy it, in which case marks and a general worn appearance are to be expected. It may also be outdated or not last as long as a... Read More »

Are simplicity vacuums good?

On One Hand: Effective and ReliableAccording to Vacuum Wizard, a vacuum cleaner comparison service, "Simplicity vacuum cleaners are a brand worth considering when choosing a vacuum cleaner whether ... Read More »

Are bagless vacuums as good?

On One Hand: Bagless Vacuums Rate WellAccording to Vacuum Wizard, bagless vacuum cleaners are easy and convenient to use, with costs that compare closely to older models that require a bag. Becaus... Read More »

Are dyson vacuums good?

On One Hand: Superior Design and PerformanceJames Dyson, the engineer responsible for the Dyson vacuum, claims to have revolutionized the vacuum cleaner industry. Proponents claim Dyson's bagless d... Read More »