Are restroom door handles contaminated with bacteria?

Answer On One Hand: Yes, There Are BacteriaBacteria are present in restrooms, and door handles are an especially likely location for bacteria since everyone touches the door handle. Restrooms present a fa... Read More »

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How do i install car doors with no door handles?

Many car enthusiats like the sleek look of having a car with no door handles. The good news is that you can achieve this look with any make or model of car without actually having to buy and instal... Read More »

How to Install a Home's Front Door Handles with a Deadbolt Lock?

Front door handles and deadbolts are the front line of home security. Keeping them in good working order is an essential part of any home security plan. From time to time door handle replacement be... Read More »

Are there any laws in Calif. restricting restroom use i.e. if restroom is designated "women" can men use it?

NO...Definitely...beyond a shadow of doubt...NOThis happened when I was working at Lockheed. There was only one restroom for the women...and one for the men.An OSHA representative spotted a man ... Read More »

DIY Door Handles?

Door handles are pretty much the same for most vehicles. The biggest difference is the way the inside handle is attached to either the door or the door panel. All use a rod from the door handle to... Read More »