Are restocking fees legal in massachusetts?

Answer In the State of Massachusetts, it is legal for retailers to charge restocking fees. Retailers with such fees charge on average between 10 and 25 percent. State law requires the policy to be posted ... Read More »

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How to File for Hardship for Divorce Fees in Massachusetts?

Often, when one spouse files for divorce the other spouse is without resources to retain an attorney to represent him in the divorce. While a court may order the payment of attorney fees at the con... Read More »

We own a condo for 17 years the corporation has placed a lien which include 2 months fees high legal fees for payments they said they didnt receive I promptly offer replacementthey won't take it?

You can start unraveling this situation by reading your governing documents. The lien may be an automatic lien against your title, which the association chose to file with the court.If your governi... Read More »

Are availability fees legal?

Impact or availability fees are charged to connect water and sewer lines to new customers, and they are legal. Availability fees vary by the size of the building, location and whether or not the pr... Read More »

How to Write Off Legal Fees?

Going through a legal proceeding is never fun. However, due to Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP), legal costs can also be a burden on you or your accountant to properly record the con... Read More »