Are restaurants usually busy on the 4th of July?

Answer Restruants are ussualy busy durring the forth of July. Over 100 million people go out on The Fourth Of July. Expect a late shift,sorry.

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Do you think restaurants will be busy tonight?

I just got off and we were running at about half a regular Friday. Last year was slow too.

For those of us too busy to go a bar or liquor store, what are some good lunch options on a busy workday?

Inject vodka into oranges and freeze them. You can peel away to your heart's content at the dwsk and they will think you are nothing more than a health nut and a workaholic. When you finally pass o... Read More »

Hello...I am 37 weeks today and have been on magnesium since july 2nd. I was in the hospital on 2,3,4 of july?

If you stop taking the magnesium you will probably go into labor. If thats what you want to do, then stop them. Your baby will be okay if delivered now. I don't understand why he would induce you o... Read More »

What is it with all these busy-busy people?

They have been sucked into the thinking that "modern life is busy and stressful", that you're a nobody if you're not a high achiever. I doubt there are any here on YA!