Are red itchy bumps caused by anxiety?

Answer On One Hand: Anxiety Can Produce RashesAnxiety can produce a wide range of effects on the body, including skin irritation. This can manifest itself as a broad rash, or as itchy bumps or spots on t... Read More »

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Itchy itchy bumps all over?

gold bond lotion and benedryl,, take 50 mg before bedtime,, you will sleep and feel better in the morning,, promise

Itchy Scalp and Bumps?

fluoride in your water would cause

Itchy, red bumps on my thighs?

You could be allergic to nuts, including coconut. Poison ivy. But, see a doctor any way. Quickly.I loved peanut butter, too. I was 28 when I got the eruptions on my hands and lower back. Yo... Read More »

Red itchy bumps appearing on head?

They could be spots on your head?! Don't scratch them whatever they are... Sorry not very useful