Are buckeye trees going extinct?

Answer Several species of buckeye tree range throughout North America. While some concern about the tree's future exists, as of 2010, only Kentucky listed a buckeye tree on its endangered or threatened sp... Read More »

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Why are giant pandas going extinct?

"The giant panda is a national treasure in China and is therefore protected by law," says the San Diego Zoo. However, according to the zoo, there are only about 1,600 of them left. The species is l... Read More »

Is it true that Blonde's are going extinct?

Yes, it is ABSOLUTELY TRUE that natural blondes will become extinct within about 200 years if present reproductive trends continue. This will happen because the gene for blondness like those for r... Read More »

Why are African wild dogs going extinct?

African wild dogs, or painted wolves, are undomesticated dogs with multicolored patches and large, round ears. They are social creatures who roam Africa in packs. Unfortunately, these animals are q... Read More »

How many endangered animal species are going extinct in australia?

Of the 427 species on Australia's list of endangered species, 36 are listed as being critically endangered. This means that of they are at the greatest risk of going extinct.References:EPBC Act Lis... Read More »