Are red beans&pinto beans the same?

Answer When people refer to red beans, they usually mean kidney beans, which are kidney-shaped and red in color. That's the kind of bean usually used in dishes like red beans and rice. Pinto beans, on the... Read More »

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Are Great Northern beans the same as Navy beans?

Great Northern beans and Navy neans are not the same. Great Northern beans resemble baby lima beans and will hold their shape when cooked. Navy beans are small, oval shaped and quick cooking. The o... Read More »

Are butter beans&lima beans the same thing?

Butter beans and lima beans are essentially the same thing, although they differ in size. Lima beans are small and green, while butter beans are larger with a creamy, butter taste.Source:Fort Valle... Read More »

Are white kidney beans the same as navy beans?

White kidney beans are not the same as navy beans. A navy bean, another name for a Yankee bean, has a round shape rather than a kidney shape. The white kidney bean is another name for cannellini a... Read More »

Are northern beans& navy beans the same thing?

Northern beans (also called great northern beans) are white beans similar to white kidney beans, according to They are not the same as navy beans (also called pea beans or Yankee bea... Read More »