Are recruiters sales people?

Answer Yes, and many recruiters receive bonuses or commissions like sales people. Recruiters use a number of sales techniques such as "selling the strong points" of their organization or company, contract... Read More »

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How many people become licensed real estate sales people annually?

Why did those sales people at the electrical shop Dixon's laugh at me?

My Dear Rotter,You are absolutely right; hit the nail bang on the head; pushed the pin bang into the hole and spot-on. It always used to be an Urban Myth that one had to fail a special electronics ... Read More »

Who do air force recruiters reject?

While U.S. Air Force recruiters prefer having a one-on-one discussion with a potential recruit before permanently disqualifying a candidate, there are some items that generally cause a recruiter to... Read More »

How much do job recruiters make?

According to PayScale, salaries for job recruiters vary by experience. As of March 2010, those with 1 to 4 years make $32,281 to $46,153 annually. Those with 5 to 9 years earn $39,147 to $59,458. ... Read More »