Who is the real genius answering this question?

Answer Me.

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WHAT'S WRONG WITH YA PEOPLE!, I'm asking a question & nobody's answering!?

I don't know...maybe Verizon cuz I don't know what Cox is.. :/

Why do people bother answering other people's questions if they don't have anything nice to say?

It takes all types to make this world---all people are not considerate about other person's feelings---but there are a whole lot of decent people also---that is why we keep coming back to this site... Read More »

WHY Is No one answering my question?

I hope this helps you.Posted: Wed Mar 02, 2005 4:36 am Post subject: Weight Gain and Natural Progesterone --------------------------------------…Weight Gain and natural progesterone By Cathe... Read More »

Why are you answering this question?

To get points. And to try to help people which I dont think im doing right now.