Are reading glasses bad for your eyes?

Answer On One Hand: Nothing To Worry AboutReading glasses won't hurt you. If you need them to read, then you should wear them, according to the Harvard Medical School. The school maintains that using read... Read More »

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Are 3D TV glasses bad for your eyes?

If you are using shutter glasses, your eyes may get tired. Each side of the glasses take turns showing an image frame and a black frame at the same time. You may get a headache or have tired eyes a... Read More »

What do glasses do to your eyes...?

In addition to helping your eyes see better, eyeglass lenses can sometimes change the appearance of your eyes. If you are very nearsighted like me, they make your eyes look smaller and they move y... Read More »

Does not wearing your glasses(or contacts) make your eyes stronger or weaker?

I agre with Mrs SSG, wearing or not wearing glasses has no effect on your need for glasses. You might get eye strain and headaches from not wearing them and you willl see better with them.

Do glasses make your eyes worse?

No they don't. It is a temporary fix for bad vision when you have them on and won't make your eyes any better or worse. Depending on age, if you start wearing glasses early then as you grow your vi... Read More »