Are radishes annual or perennial plants?

Answer There are two types of radishes for home gardeners. Annual radishes grow in 25 to 35 days, and winter (or storage) radishes, which are biennial (lasting two years), grow in 45 to 70 days.Source:Vir... Read More »

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Is chili pepper plants annual or perennial?

In sub-tropical and tropical areas, chillies are perennial, but in temperate zones they behave as annuals. If you are in a temperate zone that is frost-free, the plants may die back and re-shoot in... Read More »

Are geraniums annual or perennial?

Geraniums are short-lived perennials that can survive up to five years in the right growing conditions. In areas such as southern California and southern Texas, geraniums last all year as ground co... Read More »

Is purslane an annual or a perennial?

Portulaca oleracea, commonly known as purslane, is an annual. A weed, purslane is considered an invasive lawn and garden pest by most. However, some people like to use it in salads, soups and sand... Read More »

Is lobelia an annual or perennial?

According to the University of Maryland Medical Center, lobelia is most commonly an annual, but sometimes a biennial, semitoxic herb which produces small purple flowers with light yellow centers th... Read More »