Are radar detectors legal in the United States?

Answer Radar detectors are legal in 49 states for use in passenger cars only. They are illegal in Virginia and Washington, D.C. For commercial drivers, the use of a radar detector is illegal in all states... Read More »

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Are radar detectors legal by federal law?

No federal law prohibits radar detectors in private vehicles. A federal law does prohibit radar detectors in commercial vehicles. States have individual laws concerning private vehicles. As of 201... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in missouri?

The use of radar detectors in passenger vehicles is not illegal in the state of Missouri. Such devices attach to the dashboard and beep when they come near a police radar signal, which is often use... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in maryland?

Radar detectors, which help motorists avoid being caught speeding by law enforcement by alerting them when the driver's speed is being monitored, are legal in Maryland in cars and trucks weighing l... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in Florida?

No. Use of a radar detector in a vehicle is illegal unless you are a member of press who is on assignment, are an alarm system contractor or amateur radio operate with the proper licensing or you ... Read More »