Are radar detectors legal in Kentucky?

Answer Radar detectors are legal in Kentucky and most other states. Only in Virginia and Washington, DC are they illegal. However, in federal areas like military bases, they are illegal; in all states.Sou... Read More »

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Are radar detectors legal in Arizona?

According to, radar detectors are legal to use in passenger vehicles in Arizona and all other states except Virginia and Washington, D.C. They are not legal to use on a military ba... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in New Jersey?

Yes. The use of radar detectors is generally legal in New Jersey. If a radar detector is used in conjunction with any crime or illegal act, however, the use of the radar detector is considered ille... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in Florida?

No. Use of a radar detector in a vehicle is illegal unless you are a member of press who is on assignment, are an alarm system contractor or amateur radio operate with the proper licensing or you ... Read More »

Are radar detectors legal in pennsylvania?

Passenger car drivers can own and operate radar detectors in Pennsylvania. Commercial vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds cannot contain radar detectors. The detectors are also prohibited o... Read More »