Are radar detectors illegal in canada?

Answer The use and possession of radar detectors is illegal in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Quebec, and the Northwest and Yukon Territories. Police maintain the authority to confiscate rad... Read More »

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Are radar detectors illegal in Oklahoma?

It is legal for owners of passenger cars to own and operate radar detectors in Oklahoma. Commercial vehicles that exceed 10,000 pounds cannot contain radar detectors. This restriction is valid in a... Read More »

Are radar detectors illegal in missouri?

Radar detectors are legal for use in passenger vehicles in the state of Missouri according to Todd L. Sherman of However, Radar states use of radar detectors in commercial vehi... Read More »

Are radar detectors illegal in maryland?

The use of radar detectors is legal in the state of Maryland. However, it is important to take note that in nearby Virginia and Washington D.C., radar detectors are prohibited under state and distr... Read More »

Are radar detectors illegal in oregon?

Radar detectors are not illegal in Oregon. It is legal to have radar detectors in passenger cars in the state of Oregon, however, commercial vehicles that weigh more than 10,000 pounds cannot have ... Read More »