Are raccoons dangerous to humans?

Answer On One Hand: Raccoons Cause InjuryRaccoons can become aggressive if they feel threatened, or if their young are threatened. They often carry rabies, a central nervous system disease that can be fat... Read More »

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How are raccoons related to humans?

Raccoons are closely related to pandas, but also share certain characteristics with humans. Raccoons belong to a group of animals known as mammals. All mammals give birth to live young, are warm-... Read More »

Are raccoons dangerous?

On One Hand: They Typically Are SafeAccording to Abell Pest Control, raccoons are not typically dangerous animals. They are often found in public areas like parks and many grow accustomed to the pr... Read More »

Is saltpeter dangerous to humans?

On One Hand: Urban LegendsUrban legend says that saltpeter can be used to impair erections; although saltpeter can relax involuntary muscles, which led to its occasional use in asthma treatment, th... Read More »

Are silverfish dangerous to humans?

Silverfish are not dangerous to humans, but they could be dangerous to your home. They like glue and can ruin your wallpapered walls or get into the bindings of your books. Getting rid of dampness ... Read More »