Are quick test strep tests accurate?

Answer On One Hand: Quick strep tests are accurateAccording to a 2001 study published in the "Annals of Emergency Medicine," the rapid strep screen is up to 97 percent accurate when four symptoms are also... Read More »

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How accurate are quick check pregnancy tests?

Many quick check pregnancy tests, also called home pregnancy tests, are about 99 percent accurate. Some quick check pregnancy tests can detect pregnancy beginning the first day of a missed menstrua... Read More »

Are blood tests more accurate than urine tests for pregnancy?

On One Hand: One Blood Test More AccurateThe quantitative blood test for pregnancy, which uses the level of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone to confirm pregnancy (as do other tests) is co... Read More »

Are allergy skin tests&blood tests accurate?

On One Hand: Accurate Allergy ResultsAccording to, blood allergy tests check for 500 types of food and environmental allergies and are 97 percent accurate. Also, they are not infl... Read More »

How accurate are paternity tests?

No paternity test can be 100 percent accurate, and the accuracy of a test depends on the procedure. The accuracy of a test improves as the amount of DNA analyzed increases, although it is possible ... Read More »