Are quartz heaters better?

Answer On One Hand: Quartz Heaters Are Very EfficientQuartz heaters are radiant space heaters that warm objects instead of air. For the first two to three hours of use they are more efficient than convect... Read More »

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How to Use Quartz Heaters?

Quartz heaters use infrared light bulbs and a heat exchanger to heat objects, including people, internally, rather than heating the environment around them. Quartz is very heat-resistant, which all... Read More »

Who makes Optimus quartz heaters?

Optimus Enterprise, Inc., makes the Optimus brand of quartz heaters. The company filed for a trademark for the Optimus name on March 13, 2007. Optimus Enterprise has its headquarters in Anaheim, Ca... Read More »

Is tourmalated quartz the same as black rutilated quartz?

Tourmalated quartz is different from black rutilated quartz. When quartz is tourmalated, it means that spikes of the mineral tourmaline are throughout this slightly milky or clear variety. Rutilate... Read More »

What are the pros/cons of tank-less gas water heaters (vs. traditional heaters)?

The tankless ones cost about 3 times what a regular water heater does.