Are pumpkins considered a fruit or vegetable?

Answer A pumpkin, which is part of the squash family, is classified botanically as a fruit because it ripens from an ovary of a single flower and contains seeds. Pumpkins grow on vines and should be plant... Read More »

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Are pumpkins a fruit or vegetable?

A pumpkin is a fruit. It is a part of the Cucurbitaceae family. Pumpkin is used as a main ingredient in pumpkin pie, which is normally enjoyed at Thanksgiving. Pumpkins are orange in color, due to ... Read More »

Is rhubarb considered a fruit or vegetable?

Rhubarb is a vegetable grown where summers are cool and moist and winters include frozen ground temperatures. Rhubarb is tart and commonly prepared with sugar to produce, among other things, pies, ... Read More »

Is a lemon considered a fruit or a vegetable?

A fruit is the part of the plant containing the seeds due to the fact that it is the ripened ovary of the flower. By that definition, the University of Arkansas classifies the lemon and all other c... Read More »

Are pumpkins fruit?

Pumpkins are a squash like fruit.I have no idea what pumklns might be. However pumpkins are a fruit. They grow on a vine. A fruit is a a vegetable that has an edible substance around the seed or se... Read More »