Are pull ups bad for shoulders?

Answer On One Hand: Pull Ups are Good For ShouldersA properly done pull up exercises the deltoids, latisimus dorsi and trapezius muscles of the shoulders and back. If you can lift your body weight using t... Read More »

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My back, shoulders, and butt itch, should I try Head and Shoulders or Selson Blue?

Did I pull a muscle Or did I almost pull one?

Yeah you probably mildly pulled it. If you can walk and jump and everything, you'll probably be fine within a week. If it hurts, take pain relievers. Take it easy with the stretches for awhile and ... Read More »

How to Tan the Shoulders in a Tanning Bed?

Having a nice skin tone can be attractive for many individuals; however, it is not always optimal weather outside to lay out, so hitting up the tanning beds could be the only other option. When in ... Read More »

How to Build Shoulders?

Shoulder muscles are important for many sports and can look great when built up. Shoulder workouts can slim and tone shoulders in women or bulk and widen chest size in men. Shoulder workouts can ut... Read More »