Are ps2 games playable on the ps3?

Answer Yes, the vast majority of PS2 games are playable on the PS3. However, not every PS3 model is backward-compatible, meaning that your PS3 model may not be able to play any PS2 games. Every PS3 model ... Read More »

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How to Make Downloaded Games Playable on Your Computer?

When you download a game to your computer, what you're usually actually downloading is the installation file for the game, and not the game files in a way that is immediately usable. You'll need to... Read More »

How to Burn an IMG File to a Playable DVD on a Mac?

IMG files are similar to ISO files in that they are a complete image of a disc represented with a single file. Each IMG file contains multiple files within itself that complete an entire disc. If t... Read More »

How to Keep Woodwind Reeds Playable?

Musical instrument reeds tend to die fairly rapid deaths in most cases. Most die from a build-up of "gunk" (food particles, dried saliva, etc.) or mildew (they turn black -- ugh!). This article tel... Read More »

How to Burn Movie in Playable DVD?

To burn a movie in a DVD disc that is playable in standard DVD players, use the "DVD-Video" option in the DVD burning software (from among the other options that include "DVD-Audio," "DVD-Data" and... Read More »