If prunes are dried plums then why isn't prune juice called plum juice?

Answer You do know that there is plum juice, right? I'm sure it's made from the non-dried plum.Anyhow....I'm guessing that prune juice comes from adding water to the dried fruit and letting it set?????M... Read More »

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How are plums turned into prunes?

Plums to Prunes Firstly, the right sort of plum has to be used - one with solid flesh, low moisture content, and high sugar content. Then the fruit is dehydrated whole, either by a machine for the ... Read More »

Do I need to refrigerate dried plums?

Dried plums or prunes as well as other dried fruit do not require refrigeration. Dried fruit should be stored in an air-tight container, out of the heat and humidity, and will maintain freshness fo... Read More »

Why do dried prunes swell when soaked in pure water?

Prunes are dried plums. They have a wrinkly texture and a stone on the inside. They are used in both sweet and savory cooking, from cakes to stews, all over the world.FeaturesPlums are either left ... Read More »

Why do dried fruits&dried beans swell when they are cooked?

Dried beans and dried fruits have been heated or left in the sun to desiccate them. When you reconstitute them by cooking them or just soaking them in water, they swell up because their cells are a... Read More »