Are protein shakes safe for children?

Answer On One Hand: Children Require Adequate ProteinChildren, like adults, require a certain amount of protein daily in order to maintain proper health. The CDC (Center for Disease Control) recommends th... Read More »

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What do protein shakes do?

Am I too young for protein shakes?

My concern is why you are applying much emphasis on "taking your game to the next level". You're 13, not a professional athlete. You need to enjoy your youth instead on focusing with accelerating a... Read More »

Can you get a body like this without protein shakes?

Protein shakes are really crappy lab concoctions, both because of the ingredients and the taste. Read the label…I’m pretty sure you’ll find some artificial flavors and fake sugars in there (l... Read More »

Im 14, should i drink protein shakes?

My cousin is 10, an he uses them. They are actually healthy for anybody. But use it for the right reasons, and don't completely replace it with your water.