Are protein drinks safe during pregnancy?

Answer On One Hand: Safe NutritionThe article "Nausea/Morning Sickness" on the website recommends drinking protein shakes while you are pregnant as a safe and reliable source of nutrition.... Read More »

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Are protein bars safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Getting Sufficient ProteinProtein requirements are significantly higher for pregnant women. On average, women who are pregnant or nursing should take 70g of protein in their daily diet... Read More »

Are diet drinks safe during pregnancy?

On One Hand: Sweetners UsedAspartame used to sweeten diet sodas and drinks is a non-calorie sweetener. It is composed of two animo acids which build protein in the body. Studies show that there is... Read More »

Protein Drinks for Kids?

The American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend protein supplements for children, maintaining that "protein supplements have not been shown to enhance muscle development, strength, or enduran... Read More »

Can protein drinks increase ketone levels in the urinalysis test?

Ketones are produced as a byproduct of fat metabolism, not protein metabolism. Elevated urine keytone levels can be either a sign of diet-induced ketosis or possible kidney disease. In either case,... Read More »