Are property taxes tied into your mortgage?

Answer If your mortgage has an escrow account, your property taxes are paid by the mortgage company. The monthly installment for the property taxes is included in your monthly mortgage payment. However, i... Read More »

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Are property taxes included in a mortgage payment?

When you take out a home mortgage you may opt to have your property taxes added into your payments. The annual property tax is divided into 12 separate amounts and added to your monthly mortgage bi... Read More »

When Buying a Home Do Mortgage Companies Consider Property Taxes?

When you apply for a mortgage, the lender looks at your income, your debt, your current financial obligations and your credit history, all with the purpose of answering one question: Will this pers... Read More »

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What is a mortgage rate tied to?

A mortgage rate for an adjustable rate mortgage is tied to an interest rate index. Commonly used interest rate indexes include the weekly constant for Treasury bills, the London Interbank Offered R... Read More »