Are process servers friends of the court in michigan?

Answer Process servers are not Friends of the Court in Michigan. Process servers in Michigan are typically law firms or businesses set up specifically to serve legal papers on individuals. Friends of the ... Read More »

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Why are county deputies process servers?

In some jurisdictions, the sheriff's department is responsible for serving civil processes. In these areas, special deputies are assigned so serve subpoenas for civil lawsuits, including small clai... Read More »

Is civil court the same as state court in Michigan?

Civil court is not the same as state court in Michigan. All civil matters--including cases with claims below $25,000, family court issues, and trial court appeals--are handled in circuit court. The... Read More »

How to Win an Eviction Process in Court in Florida?

Florida's landlord and tenant laws are provided in Chapter 83 of the state statutes. Part of this law concerns the landlord's legal recourse if the tenant is not living up to his obligations under ... Read More »

What is the foreclosure process in Michigan?

Most foreclosures in Michigan use the non-judicial process. A non-judicial foreclosure does not need to go through the court of the county to which the property belongs. Non-judicial foreclosures a... Read More »