Are private equity firms the same as a reit?

Answer No, they are not the same. Private equity firms specialize in identifying and investing in non-public companies. Real estate investment trusts (REITs) invest in various forms of real estate, and ma... Read More »

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Define Private Equity Firms?

A private equity firm is a private group of investors who makes money through buying and selling and ownership of private equity. Unlike publicly-traded equity that is bought and sold on the stock ... Read More »

What is private equity placement?

Companies fund start-up operations and expansions by raising equity investment. There are two types of equity investments. Public equity is obtained through a public offering of stock which will tr... Read More »

How to Work for a Private Equity Firm?

Private equity firms are controlling entities that collect or pool together capital that is then invested in a specific interest or opportunity. Often private equity firms will use strategies such ... Read More »

Types of Private Equity Funds?

Private equity is money that is invested into companies that are not publicly traded. The money may be invested at various times during the companies existence. Funds may be provided during its ini... Read More »