Are primroses annuals or perennials?

Answer Primroses are perennials, not annuals, and live for at least three years. They are a hearty flowering plant that comes in a variety of colors and can thrive in both moist and dry, or even rocky soi... Read More »

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Are primroses annuals?

Primroses, scientific name Primula, are a perennial flower, not annual, according to the Gardener's Network. Perennials are flowers that may grow for three to four years, while annuals complete the... Read More »

Are primroses perennials?

Primroses are perennials, meaning their life cycles can last two years or longer. Some primrose varieties, like the Colorado Springs evening primrose and the cutleaf evening primrose, live yearly a... Read More »

Are carnations annuals or perennials?

Carnations are perennial flowers, but can be considered annual in colder climates. They act as perennials in USDA hardiness zones 6 to 9, but may be annuals in lower zones. Carnations require well-... Read More »

Are caladiums annuals or perennials?

Native to South America, Caladiums need grow in warm, moist climates. Whether they are annual or perennial depends on where they are living. If they grow outdoors in cold zones, they can be annuals... Read More »