Are pretzels a good snack for dieters?

Answer On One Hand: Pretzels are Lower in Fat than Other Salty SnacksAccording to the Mayo Clinic, low-fat, whole grain pretzels can make a good snack for those trying to lose weight. Kids Health corrobor... Read More »

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What to eat with pretzels?

Tomato sauce or some chutney or relishDune

Is there a safe way to eat pretzels?

No, its as difficult as falling off a Segway.

How to Form Pretzels?

According to The Kitchen Project, pretzels had their origins as early as 610 AD when monks in France or Italy would create these shaped bread treats to give to young boys who sat quietly through th... Read More »

Where did pretzels originate?

The exact origin of pretzels is not certain, but pretzels first appeared in Southern France or Northern Italy in approximately A.D. 610. Monks started making pretzels as a treat for children that l... Read More »