Are pregnant women able to be vaccinated for rubella?

Answer Yes we most certainly are. I'm 7 months pregnant and one of the many blood test I have taken resulted in that I needed the shot. I got it and baby and I are doing just fine. Hurt like I remember as... Read More »

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Is it harder for obese pregnant women to feel fetal movement more so than pregnant women who are pregnant and are not overweight?

it is not harder to feel the movement it just is not as harsh on your ribs and back because there is more "wiggle room" for the baby. however, it will be harder to see the movement from the outside.

Do you need to get a Rubella shot prior to trying to get pregnant if you had one 12 years ago?

Answer Talk with your doctor about this. Sometimes any doctor will answer a general question like this.

Why do you have to wait three months to get pregnant after getting the rubella shot?

Answer I have never heard of that, but I don't know a lot about rubella shots. I am going to assume a doctor told you this. The reason is probably because it can cause serious birth defects or even... Read More »

You are 33 weeks pregnant and your rubella igg test is positive please advise if its dangerous to your baby?

If semen got near or in the vagina, then yes she can. Also, you can't have dry sex naked, dry sex is when you have some sort of clothing on and there is a barrier, such as pants or underwear, betw... Read More »