Are pregnancy&yeast infections related?

Answer The Mayo Clinic points out that three of four women will experience a yeast infection at some point in their life. Your odds of a yeast infection increase during pregnancy.DefinitionA yeast infecti... Read More »

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What is the most effective measurement of catheter-related bloodstream infections?

On One Hand: Blood Cultures SuperiorBlood culture testing is the most effective method for measuring catheter-related bloodstream infections. Research performed by Siegman-Igra, et al, demonstrate... Read More »

Why does your preschool age girl get recurrent fevers with no other symptoms She has had bladder infections as an infant. Could this be related?

Is my dizziness the result of ear infections or dental infections?

Answer Your dizziness could be caused by an ear infection, but if it is a dental problem, it is probably inflammation of the TMJ bone in your skull. I have TMJ problems myself, and I sometimes get ... Read More »

Can yeast infections or bladder infections cause nausea?

One of the symptoms of a serious bladder infection can be nausea. However, nausea is not considered a symptom of a yeast infection, though it could be a sign of a sexually transmitted disease.Sourc... Read More »