Are preferred stocks public debt?

Answer Preferred stocks are not public debt. Preferred stock does have a dividend that must be paid out before dividends to common stockholders. In the event of a bankruptcy or liquidation, they are a not... Read More »

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How to Find Preferred Stocks?

Preferred stocks often are referred to as hybrid investments. They offer advantages and disadvantages that are similar to stocks (equity securities) and bonds (debt instruments). While investment i... Read More »

How do I Buy HSBC Preferred Stocks?

Preferred stock is a hybrid instrument that combines the features of common stock and corporate bonds. Preferred stockholders are paid dividends before other stockholders receive any payments. If a... Read More »

Safety of Preferred Stocks?

Preferred stocks are considered to be a safer in comparison to common stocks (though they don't eliminate all risk). Preferred stocks have many advantages, including a fixed dividend, a higher posi... Read More »

Books on Preferred Stocks?

A hybrid of a debt and equity instrument, preferred stocks are a possible addition to an ambitious investor's portfolio. Holders of preferred stocks have little control over the managerial directio... Read More »