Are power lines dangerous?

Answer Power lines, like all things electric, emit magnetic fields. According to an article in the St. Paul (Minn.) Pioneer Press, the World Health Organization, which once recognized no danger associated... Read More »

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Why are power lines dangerous to humans?

While the single power line which brings your household electricity from the nearest utility pole carries little health risk, research proves that high voltage power lines, such as those carrying e... Read More »

Is living 1,000 feet away from power lines dangerous?

On One Hand: Possible RisksAccording to the Health and Physics Society, which specializes in radiation safety, "recent studies such as that by Draper et al., confirm a reported association between ... Read More »

How tall are power lines?

The height of power lines depends on the amount of voltage being carried. In general, the more volts, the taller the power line will be. Power lines containing 275 or 400 kilovolts (kV) are 7 meter... Read More »

Who owns power lines?

The transmission system includes power lines and other equipment used to move electricity from one location to another. Investor-owned utilities account for almost 80 percent of power line ownershi... Read More »